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CTIS has developed strong partnership with governmental organizations, industry and other academic institutions.

Government: Government: CTIS is a long-term partner with TxDOT. The partnership began over 20 years ago and is expected to last long into the future. Through this partnership, UTEP has conducted research projects in various areas of transportation.

CTIS also conducts research and provides engineering services to local transportation agencies such as the EI Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the City of EI Paso.

UTEP is also one of the few organizations in the US that have executed a memorandum 0f understanding to collaborate with the Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) of the Army Corps of Engineers. Our other governmental partners have been:

Industry: CTIS has partnered with a number of research-oriented firms in a number of research projects. Examples of these companies are:

Academic Institutions: