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A number of hot mix asphalt (HMA types, such as permeable friction course (PFC), stone mastic asphalt (SMA), performance design mixes and conventional dense graded mixes are currently used to construct or overlay Texas roads. One of the important inputs into current pavement design programs used by the Texas Department of Transportation is the performance lives of HMA mixes since they significantly impact the life cycle cost analyses of the pavement structures and the ultimate selection of the HMA type. Knowing performance lives is also key information when developing pavement maintenance programs. Currently, the estimated performance life of different HMA mixes (including the frequency of overlay) by the designers in Texas is highly subjective. We will address this problem not only in terms of the properties of the asphalt mix type but also in the context of the actual pavement design process (e.g., staged construction vs. perpetual pavement), quality of construction, maintenance needs, traffic volume, and environmental conditions.

The main goal of this project is to objectively recommend the most likely service lives of different mixes used in Texas as a function of the mix properties, type and quality of construction, pavement structure, frequency of preventive maintenance, traffic volume, and the environmental characteristics that the mix is exposed to. Since the selected service life impacts the life cycle cost, the feasible solution should be derived probabilistically; that is the average as well as the distribution of the service life should be provided so that the designer or maintenance personnel can adjust the estimated life based on an assumed reliability level related to the criticality of the project.

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